10 SEO Techniques in 2015 to make the Google search engine fall in love with you. In the world of the Internet and web positioning. In addition, there are many SEO strategies and techniques that aim to convince the Google search engine to give us. In addition, a better position for our pages and thereby attract thousands of visits from the main source of traffic in 2015. which is none other than Mr. Google. But within this equation there was a part that had remained isolated throughout this process. In addition, the USER something that was totally illogical and incoherent if we think about it carefully.

Study of Long Tail Keywords

Something very basic when we want to start generating content is to choose the topics of what we are going to write. In addition, and this choice is where great importance lies. In addition, if we really want to get traffic from the Google search engine. This technique is very simple and it is about combining what the readers of my Blog top people data  are demanding with the choice of the best keywords to make Google fall in love with it, and this happens because in the current algorithm On Page SEO is still very important.

Advanced On Page SEO

Advanced On Page SEO. Some time ago I wrote a guide to On Page SEO. Therefore, with the most basic aspects that are important to shape our content so that it ranks better in the search engine. In addition, but now I am going to tell you about some advanced TG Numbers aspects of On Page SEO. Therefore, which will surely be useful to you. We have to try to reduce the bounce rate. In addition, as much as possible and ensure that users stay on our page as long as possible.

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