The start in Marketing the Rainbow during the Super Bowl. And it grew steadily in there were no fewer than nine commercials with LGBT characters or themes. I did like that CBS News link to my YouTube archive for the Amazon commercial with Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia in their article about this earlier this month How much do Super Bowl commercials cost for the broadcast . but this clip was already in the top of most view videos on my channel with more than views.


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Relevant commercials in Pepsicos Sabra Hummus featur drag queens Budweiser play Italy Telegram Database the US womens soccer team which became world champions and featur marri couple Ali Krieger Ashlyn Harris in the teaser Olay made room for women with Busy Philipps and the bisexual Lilly Singh but did so rather clumsily PGs detergent Tide hir the pansexual Emily Hampshire Dan Levys costar in Schitts Creek see below and Pop Tarts went ubergay with the Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness. Then there was Under Armour which put Kelley OHara in her underwear . She is a member of the US womens national soccer team and became famous for kissing her girlfriend on TV after winning the World Cup. And finally Microsoft told the powerful story of openly gay ers coach Katie Sowers the first woman ever to coach a team in the Super Bowl.

Telegram Database

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This year we felt the aftereffects of the Bud Light Australia Phone Number affair Bud Light and the billion woman the mess around Target and the feud between Disney and Florida Disney v DeSantis how a corporate behemoth turn beacon of diversity . These brands all want to do their best to achieve diversity but it got them into trouble.

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