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The by the organizations that have access to this data. When it comes to privacy something strange is happening among consumers On the one hand consumers are very wary of the use and misuse of personal data. On the other hand they give away this personal data just as easily. They will do that if there is only a very small reward in return. Think of finding information on a website or collecting likes. They give away data for example by posting information about their person and what they do on social mia. Or by blindly clicking accept when ask to agree to the cookie settings. And thus give organizations the opportunity to follow them in their search and purchasing behavior.

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Behavior is also call the privacy paradox . The privacy paradox concerns the willingness of Ecuador WhatsApp Database to share personal data in order to use certain products and services. Consumers have shown in numerous studies that they are concern about the use of personal data but they do not really act on it. The existence of the privacy paradox has major consequences for how organizations handle customer data. Both in the private and public domain. The privacy paradox concerns the willingness of consumers to share personal data in order to use certain products and services.of the European data protection regulation GDPR General Data Protection Regulation a survey show that twothirds of Europeans were concern about a lack of control over personal data.

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Elf uncomfortable with companies online activities and personalization Spain Phone Number advertisements European Commission. You may therefore expect that consumers would be reluctant to use platforms such as Google X Facebook Instagram and Snapchat. Nothing is less true. Convenience plays an important role There are a number of reasons why people still share their personal data despite the risks that this may entail. An important cause is that people tend.

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