About means That through blogging. written word (always my favorite). If I had to say it. some of my raw. honest blog posts would never have been brought to life. I’m getting better. but I’m not finding it easy to express my emotions. So there is freom to communicate through the method of my choice. I can tell my story without having to say it out loud. I don’t have to make eye contact. scan people’s expressions to see if they’re bor. or worry that no one understands my accent. Writing it down allows me to express myself in an easier way. which must be a good start. Plus. when I blog. I’m usually talking about something I’m passionate about.

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Know a little about. or have a strong opinion Honduras Mobile Database aren’t scary. and I can back up what I’m saying with knowlge or anecdotes. For someone with social anxiety disorder. or at least for me. being ask or brought up with questions or conversations that you don’t know is pretty scary. In this case. hope the ground cracks open and swallows me That’s where the words really come into play. My blog family blogging community is also very helpful. All small groups that I don’t usually know. This is for you from people who have had similar life experiences as me and have been honest and open about parenting and life challenges.

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People’s lives are very different from mine. but TG Numbers we share a common blog and a sense of familiarity. Most importantly. me and these blogging friends. we communicate through text again. Social mia is great for this. is where I’m most talkative. but there I can be a girl who doesn’t talk much and doesn’t scramble (too much). I can speak less clearly and feel free to think I’m funny because the constraints that always held me back (I blush like a one-year-old when people talk to me. which was painful) were remov. I think it’s the. 

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