The internal newsletter or some messages on the internal messenger channel. This applies to a minimal change but of course even more so to a cultural change .. For example around a cultural change it is important to organize a series of recurring events in which you continuously highlight new core values. You look for similarities because similarities by definition mean connection. Mutual trust also allows employees to perform better and you create a closeknit team that is responsible for a common goal. Such an event program can for example consist of sports days drinks hut on the moor sessions etc.


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Silence on organizations Resistance I may hear you thinking organizing an event is not easy Canada WhatsApp Number Database it is expensive. Beats. You have to arrange a location arrange lunch and people dont work during the event. It is a fact that every event large or small often causes a lot of hassle stress and hassle. Each time a different department or person is responsible HR communications marketing while organizing events is not necessarily their core business. However the quality must be optimal and professional because internal business events also have serious objectives. To top it all off some people are also resistant to change.

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This can of course be a sign of commitment


But it does not always have to be that way. Some Lebanon Phone Number just dont feel like it. Employee resistance focus on employer branding source AJR_photo Shutterstock Take internal events seriously use progressive technology Good so you have to deal with the fact that organizing events is not always easy that change causes resistance and also with the fact that employees expect more and more from an employer. It is therefore important that the organization and implementation of your internal event is in tiptop condition and that you take internal events just as seriously as external events. Below I explain how technology.

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