This acquisition marked a significant shift, resulting in Arthur Irving and the trust’s assumption of complete control over Irving Oil. He is one of Canada’s richest people. Cross-Reference: Alain Bouchard Success Story 9. Chip Wilson Net Worth: $5.6B Age: 66 Dennis Chip Wilson founded Lululemon and served as its CEO, starting with a single store in Vancouver back in 2000.

James Arthur, and John. A crucial She has rightfully division of J.D.

He led the company to go public in 2007 but later stepped. Down as chairman in 2013 and completely exited the business in 2015. Despite not being involved in special data  Lululemon’s day-to-day operations, Wilson remains a major shareholder, holding an 8% stake. Currently, Wilson, along with his wife and five sons, runs a holding company called Hold It All. This company is involved in investments spanning apparel, real estate, and private equity. In terms of investments, Wilson has stakes in Anta Sports, a Chinese activewear company, as well as Amer Sports, the parent company of renowned brands like Salomon, Arc’teryx, and Wilson. No wonder he became one of the wealthiest people in Canada.

Living, known as Irving Woodlands stands as the sixth-largest landowner.

James Irving Net Worth: $5.5B Age: 95 James Irving is the owner of J.D. Irving, a diverse conglomerate encompassing more than two dozen businesses TG Numbers  ranging from frozen foods and retail to shipbuilding and transportation. One notable facet of the conglomerate is its timber and forestry operations based in New Brunswick, which have seen the planting of over a billion trees since 1957. The roots of this family empire trace back to the 19th century when James Irving’s grandfather left Scotland to establish a general store and delve into lumber and farming enterprises. 

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