The Purchase is Taken From the Mobile World and Brought to the World of the Internet of Things, if “smart Objects” Are Integrat With Identity Management and Smart Payment Systems, Spaces for Innovation Open Up That Allow Enrich Smart Objects With Functions Through Their “autonomous” and Direct Purchase in the Market. An Autonomy That Also Includes the Possibility of Managing Payment. Buy in-things to Manage Extra Features or Services Let’s Be Clear, in-things Purchase is Not the Automation of One or Several Steps of the Purchasing Process Through the Use of a Connect Object.

It is Not the So-call embd Purchase and

We Are Not Talking About the Case of an Intelligent Connect Product That Places Automatic Orders When It Detects the Ne. In-thing Purchase Manages Purchases in the Course of Interaction With Connect Smart Objects, for Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List Example, in the Form of Activation of Extra-functionality or Extra-services That Improve Their Use Value. That is, We Are Talking About a Perspective That New Iot-bas Products Will Come to Market That May Have a Wide Range of Capabilities, but Some Are Natively Lock and Can Only Be Activat Through a Payment Method. What Does It Mean to Make a Purchase With in-things.

The Iot Purchase is Defin as a

Purchase That, Made Directly in the Course of Interaction With a Connect Smart Object,  or Extra-service That Increases the Value of Its Use. In This Context, It Seems Necessary to Observe Two Aspects That Cut Across All Australia Telegram Number Situations the Identity of the Object and the Payment. Interconnect Objects Must Be Able to Identify Themselves and Make Payments Autonomously. Only Then Can the Ordering and Procurement Process Be Includ in an Authorization System. That is, the Payment Transaction Must Be Guarante, Must Not Be Repudiat and Must Have a Release Value. To Carry Out This Process, It is Necessary to Manage an Authentication Process and the Solution Must Be Able to Respect.

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