AI can help you come up with topics

The video keeps playing and people keep watching. And remember going viral doesnt always mean more or better followers. Video player AI and Instagram Reels As for AI and Instagram Reels there are plenty of options. trends formats or challenges that are popular. Use AI just like I did with this article to make your text catchier and better or to come up with the best social mia title. You can also have ChatGPT or another tool write a script for your Instagram Reels. You can even outsource it completely with the new tool Sora from OpenAI which turns your text into a video. There are also tools such as Munch which automatically creates short clips from your unit video material.


This is very useful for for example


The video of a podcast. Go for views And yes I am also a sucker for the amount of Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Database on my posts and especially Reels. With my almost followers I average about views on my videos. That is still twice as much as my reach with my messages with photo or carousel. And just like with static posts it is the Reels with a personal message where I am often in the picture that work best. But Reels with a wellknown or creative new format also work well. I have to make a comment on that. I dont see that all company accounts have more reach with.

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Reels than with their regular posts

Especially with the videos where nothing really happens without a good Canada Email List without a clear message I dont see any outstanding statistics. That wont work without catchy images and without people in the picture looking into the camera. For example you see atmospheric images of a day at work put together afterwards instead of thinking in advance what they would have want to make. A good Reel takes time it is better to think.

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