The conversations. t from Slack Channel overview and threads threads summary What if you could surface the most important themes in a conversation instead of having to spend hours going through every message you missed You know how it is you come back from vacation or a long free weekend and its time to catch up on everything on Slack. That often takes quite some time. But with channel overviews you can generate the most important highlights of each channel with click. This means that you quickly and easily have an overview of what has happened in recent days weeks or months. Slack summary source Slack Screenshot from Slack This allows you to catch up on unread messages or summarize all messages.


Advantages a lot of time savings

These summaries and overviews help you cut through the noise and surface Bolivia Phone Number Database information that is important. This is also ideal for the onboarding process because new team members or colleagues can immediately read up. During the pilot program we experienced firsthand the significant productivity gains that Slack AI could bring to our company. Slack AI has helped to speed up our employees work exponentially. Zach Hyman CoCEO SpotOn Privacy and security But what happens to all the important data you share on Slack Are they also used for language models LLMs for example No. Slack users have indicated that security is the most important requirement when using AI tools.

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The developers of the platform have listened

Slack does not Iran Phone Number customer data with LLM providers nor do they use customer data to train LLMs. The language models are hosted within Slack so your data remains internal. You can contact Slack to access Slack AI. Slack Canvas Maybe you already knew it but maybe you didnt Slack Canvas . This tool was introduced in April and is available to all Slack users. Collecting and sharing knowledge According to Slack Canvas is the place where you create and share knowledge between various.

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