AI videos is completely wrong

The for content that can make money. AI should take over the boring tasks not the fun ones But I have another problem with the current focus on generative AI and that concerns how we do our work. I recently had a conversation with a translator. In the publishing world some are already talking about how AI can translate books limiting the role of the translator to checking the output. This is call PEMT postit machine translation. She is worri about her work because all the job satisfaction disappears and the pay is also worse. Isnt that the world turn upside down The computer should take over the boring dull and stupid tasks for us. The translator must therefore be able to translate the book himself and AI must support and check this.


A writer should not ask AI to write

A complete book but he can brainstorm with AI or let it help with iting. And a marketer Latvia Phone Number Database not create a fake advertisement but can use AI to think about a campaign. Why is AI doing art instead of boring things like my taxes lmao Danielle yellerweller op TikTok As far as Im concern the hype around . Id rather see examples of how AI makes our work better and more fun and take over the boring tasks for us than the next generat video of a cat wearing glasses.

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But yes that simply attracts more

Attention and investment money. Its not inevitable Of course UK Whatsapp Number in generative AI are impressive. The point I want to make is that I think tech companies want to use generative AI for the wrong things. Or at least thats where most of the attention is now. Yes the tools can support our work and they can do the stupid tasks for us. No it shouldnt take over all our creative work. This is not only a threat to our job satisfaction and our jobs.

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