Table of contents NewsGPT-4 Turbo: a qualitative leap in digital marketing AI Assistants: Personalize your experience Developers at work: build your own virtual assistant A look into the future: protect yourself from copyright claims Discover the innovations of Chat GPT-4 Turb or in the world of digital marketing. In a breathtaking conference, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman laid the foundation for the future of ChatGPT, the popular virtual assistant that has over 100 million active users every week. Less than a year after its incredible success, the company behind ChatGPT has unveiled a compelling vision for the fate of their artificial intelligence technology. NewsGPT-4 Turbo: a qualitative leap in digital marketing

Altman introduced an enhanced version of

The GPT-4 model. Confirming that the previous version of the tool is used by 100 million users every week. The GPT-4 Turbo represents the latest Hong Kong Phone Number Data evolution of the renowned GPT-4 model. Promising greater capabilities and the possibility of retrieving information on world and cultural events until April 2023. This far surpasses previous versions. Incapable of answering questions on events after 2021. The new model comes in two variants: one focused on text analysis and the other capable of understanding both text and images. AI Assistants: Personalize your experience Additionally, Altman has launched a new range of chatbot products called GPTs. Which can be customized to perform a variety of tasks and act as virtual assistants. These AI apps. Called GPTs. Can teach math. Provide laundry instructions or even create stickers. Offering specific solutions. The company plans to allow users to publish their GPTs in a dedicated store. Which will be available later this month. Initially. The store will only feature creations from “verified builders.

Altman also mentioned the possibility of compensating

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users with popular GPTs. Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to create customized versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks. The GPT Store, due this month, will allow people to share their GPTs and earn based on the number of users. Developers Sweden Phone Number at work: build your own virtual assistant The Assistants API will allow developers to create their own “agent-like experiences,” giving them more control. This means developers will be able to have agents gain knowledge outside the system, integrating travel listing databases, connecting user email inboxes, or facilitating e-commerce orders. During the conference, Altman was briefly joined by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who praised the partnership between the two companies. Microsoft has invested $10 billion in OpenAI so far. A look into the future: protect yourself from copyright claims Additionally, the company announced an innovative program called Copyright Shield, designed to protect businesses that use OpenAI’s products from copyright claims. This new tool promises to provide a robust and reliable defense for anyone using the company’s products in digital marketing.

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