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The electricity grid system. It aims to create stable energy by encouraging users to plug in their batteries and share excess energy. 4. Helium Helium is a DePIN project that builds a decentraliz wireless network that allows users to earn tokens HNT in exchange for providing a wireless connection. Users can deploy Helium hotspots to provide wireless connectivity in an area in exchange for HNT tokens. It is also expanding its network with Helium Mobile. The Helium Mobile service combines the Helium network with the 5G mobile network. Users in the US can now enjoy cheaper mobile subscriptions for 20 per month.


NATIX Network NATIX Network builds a

DePIN from smartphones that work as AIpower cameras and collect New Zealand Phone Number Database mobility data. Consider the amount of traffic and road conditions in certain areas. It built a dashcam app that people can download for free and leave on while driving. This app takes the fe from the phones camera and converts it into anonymiz insights rewarding the user with tokens for sharing these insights. The phones form the physical infrastructure network and the mechanism that powers this network and distributes the rewards runs onchain. 6. Render Network Render.

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Network is the first platform to

Decentralize the power of GPU rendering. This allows people who do creative Germany Telegram Number such as designers and animators to easily expand their GPU rendering projects using powerful computers around the world. The Render Network is design to support a variety of computeintensive tasks. a blockchain network that connects people directly without errors or delays. Furthermore this system ensures that rights at work remain secure. 7. Bit tensor Bittensor is also call the baby of AI and crypto. Bitcoin has given us a decentraliz currency. It took power away from banks and governments and put it back in our hands. Bittensor does the same but for artificial intelligence AI. So not run by the wellknown names such as OpenAI Google.

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