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The demographics interests and behavior. Search ads mainly respond to user intent. After all the target group will only see the advertisement. If they search for a specific subject in the search engine. DV offers more advanc audience segmentation and targeting options compar to Google Ads. Advertisers can use first party data third party audience segments and insights from Google interestsearch behavior to accurately reach their target group. The ability to use other data insights is a major advantage in this regard. For example major parties such as Miahuis and DPG can put together different target groups bas on login details andor reading behavior and make them available within the DV platform through specific deals. As the cookieless era draws closer this first party data is more relevant than ever. Also read ways to use AI for Google Ads.


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Ads uses a bidding system where advertisers set bids for keywords or compete. In display and video Denmark WhatsApp Database auctions. Costs are calculat per thousand impressions CPM bas on clicks CPC or bas on conversions CPA. DV supports programmatic advertising. This means that advertisers automate the purchasing process and buy advertising space in real time through auctions. for purchasing campaigns Programmatic Guarante A form of programmatic advertising in which advertisers purchase guarante advertising space from publishers at a preagre price. PMP deal A Private Marketplace deal PMP is a private agreement between advertisers and publishers offering premium advertising space through an exclusive nonpublic auction.

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This allows advertisers to be more


Selective in choosing specific inventory Saudi Arabia Phone Number have access to premium placements and target groups offer by the publisher. Open market Regular way of purchasing where advertising space is publicly available for purchase by advertisers via real time bidding RTB platforms without restrictions on access or selectivity. Invert pyramid with Programmatic Guarante at the top then Private Marketlace deal and Open Market at the bottom. . Accessibility Google Ads is very accessible to a wide range.

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