The More Dramatic Consequences Than Change by Design. A Socially and Environmentally Programm Transition Moves Away From Reactive Responses, Seeks to Anticipate the Worst Moments and, of Course, Would Not Bet on Rucing Pollution and Destruction of the Biosphere at the Cost of the Death of Thousands and Thousands of People Infect by a Virus, Nor Would It Throw Millions Into Unemployment or Poverty Due to a Sudden Stop in Economic Activity.

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Dilemmas and Crossroads to Consider, of Course, but Policies Are Conceiv in Advance to Alleviate the Most Adverse Effects and, Crucially, Measures Are Adopt to Move Towards Productive Systems That Assume Plural Inclusion and Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Sustainability. . The Urgency of the Pandemic Forces Us to Prioritize Efforts to Minimize Its Worst Effects in Terms of the Number of Serious Victims and Destruction of the Livelihoods of Millions of Workers . Covid- is Capable of Infecting Anyone,  From Being Neutral. In Addition to Age and the Prevailing State of Health, It is Evident That the Social Stratum to Which.

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Residence Are Immiate Markers of Inequality That Are Taking Their Toll When Calculating the Options of Receiving Adequate Care Estonia Phone Number List in Cases More Severe. Despite the Whirlwind of Urgency, It is Valid From the Arena of Global, Regional, National and Local Public Policies to Think About the ” Day After.” We Must Avoid the Objective Being to Overcome the Health Emergency and Then Relapse Into an Unviable Economy. The Virus Infects People, the World Economy Was Already Contaminat. Governments Are Between a Rock and a Hard Place. On the One Hand, the Pressures of the Global Economy for a Mega Bailout – Much Greater Than That of the Great Recession – to Save the Large Corporations That Are Being Affect and, on the Other, the Social Pressures to Meet the Demands of Survival.

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