The owner are released onto the market and are sold often through a secure agency to someone else. These domain names often have a high authority that they have built up in the years before. It therefore happens that such an expired domain is reregistered and a new website is placed on it that has nothing to do with the purpose of the previous website. . Google is against this and will severely punish these types of domains in this update. . Addressing Parasite SEO Cases Google is done with the parasitic SEO cases and will also punish these websites. Parasite SEO is when high authority websites make their websites available to have low quality content posted by low authority websites.

As a result the lower authority website

Benefits from the good findability of the reliable website with higher authority. Google is now giving websites that do this on a large scale two months to resolve this. Is this correct You may wonder whether these tough Colombia Phone Number Database are justified. I think so. There has been a content explosion in the past year due to AI. More and more content is being written often with the aim of ranking better in search engines.

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But there is increasing criticism of the

Quality of this content which has Qatar Phone Number become visible in the search results. Because content generated by a bot is often general and does not match the users actual question. Because this content remains so general times out of it does not add any new value. Google wants to show relevant content to its users and this kind of unhelpful content simply does not fit in with that. Websites that use shortcuts or tricks such as parasitic SEO or expired domains also do not fit Googles picture. I think this is a good move give us access to content that will benefit us as users not.

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