Interactions between consumers and the brand. Potentially converting the user into a lead. Storytelling exists and will exist storytelling and content sharing have become a pillar of marketing; today consumers want to connect with brands on a much deeper level. Whose storytelling is characteriz by a human touch . This desire for authenticity has been perpetuat by social platforms that connect similar users to each other and through which the sharing of real. Rather than glossy. Experiences provokes emotional reactions. By intertwining brand messaging with emotion. Companies are giving consumers reasons to buy their product by telling them why the brand matters.

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The strategic marketing trends of 2020 to pay attention to is undoubtly the chatbot. A tool that has evolv a lot in recent years and which. As ai technologies become more refin. Is expect to become a tool capable of helping retailers ruce costs by $439 billion per year and that sales achiev through chatbots will reach $112 billion by 2023 . With shopping experiences becoming increasingly digitaliz. Consumers are looking for quick and easy ways to get the information they ne to assist them in the decision-making phase of the purchasing process. So it should come as no business email list surprise that large companies are keen to increase their use of chatbots and ai solutionsto facilitate

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Appli within emails . By personalizing the content. Using data on preferences. Purchasing and online browsing history. Marketers are able to segment the target effectively and provide personaliz content for the recipient. To maximize your email marketing strategy. However. It is necessary to have the right tools to easily store. Track and analyze personal information. As well as to collect statistics that help measure activities and understand how to refine them. Find out how to start your strategy.With TG Numbers  our ebook on the dos and don’ts of managing emails and contacts. Personalization is key in 2020 changing shopping experiences mean more chatbots one of

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