PMF Program Revisions Highlighte The Congress, the Obama administration, and state and local governments must put government spending on a path of fiscal sustainability for the longer term. Policy makers have focuse on three cost-cutting opportunities for doing this: Eliminating wasteful programs Taking a longer-term view that focuses on entitlement program policy changes.New Approaches are Neede to Truly Transform the Way Government Does Business.

Using proven cost-saving

Strategies from the public and private sectors to make the daily operation of. Government much more efficient and deliver improve performance. At a lower cost By aggressively implementing. These strategies australia phone number sustainable cost savings can be realize while. In many cases, improving operational performance.   Seven Strategies to Cut Costs and Improve Performance Consolidate. Information technology infrastructures. Streamline government supply chains Reduce energy use.

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Move to share services

For mission-support activities  analytics to reduce improper payments. Reduce field operations footprint and move to electronic. Self-service Monetize the government’s assets Getting it Done The best Belgium Phone Number approach is for top officials to appoint and empower a single individual to manage cost-cutting activity. While they may be supporte by departmental staff or outside volunteers, someone needs to own the task and, ideally, report directly to the agency head.

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