Avoiding duplicate content on the site is a good way to make your site more efficient from an seo point of view and at the same time improve the user experience. Duplicate content causes google to not be able to decide which of the versions on your site is original and which is not. And visibility suffers in search results. Use 301 rirects. Canonical and noindex / nofollow tags to eliminate duplicate content. Keyword cannibalization means that your site has more content that emphasizes the same keyword or set of keywords. If several pages appear with the same search term. It is search term cannibalization. Fixing keyword cannibalization problems is very case-specific.

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finland in the summer of last year (2020) and has been one of the strongest and. At the same time. One of the most unknown native advertising channels for finnish b2b leads advertisers. It is worth comparing and equating discovery ads with native advertising. Because it is a very effective form of advertising. According to research. At least 25% use ad blocking programs in the usa. And the situation is certainly close to the same in finland as well. In order for you as an advertiser to still catch the customer. New ways of advertising have appear alongside traditional banner advertising.

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A native ad is often. For example. An article. Experience TG Numbers content or research relat to the advertisers business. They are thus also richer in content than traditional advertisements. Native ads are also common on social mia channels such as facebook. Linkin and instagram. But they are also familiar from online magazines. Native ads are much more subtle than banner ads and therefore do not irritate the reader. In digital marketing. We talk about banner blindness. Where website visitors may not even consciously notice the content of banners. But automatically skip over them.

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