The a Good Part of the Population. In Times of Multidimensional Crisis Like the Ones We Live in, We Must Prevent Sensitivities and Concerns About the Future From Being Absorb by Panic, Short-termism and Hopelessness. Only by Avoiding That Stance Could Alternative Visions and Practices Be Articulat and Expand. One of the Main Challenges is to Overcome the Fragmentation of Social-ecological Transformation Efforts. The Current Threat, the Aggressive Covid-, With Its Notable Morbidity Rate, Has Been an Accelerator of Trends That Have Been Clearly Visible.

The Looming Economic Crisis

Already Announc as a Global Recession, Cannot Be Explain by the Virus. The Virus Detonates It, but It Cannot Distract Us From the. Indicators That Show That the Debt Bubble of Corporations and States Was Reaching Unsustainable Levels. With High Levels of Debt, States, Companies and. Families Are Unable to Make the Best Croatia WhatsApp Number List Savings, Investment and Consumption Decisions. It is Estimat That, at the Beginning of , Global Debt Amount to . Times Global Gdp . This is a Historical Record. In the New Situation It Will Tend to Grow Much More, With the Urgent Bailouts That the World’s Main Central Banks Will Carry Out to.

Throw Lifelines to the Economies of

Their Countries. The ” Great Recession” That Broke Out in With the  Was Not Address at Its Roots. Global Elites Preferr to Avoid It, Paradoxically Resorting to Stimulating the. Factors That Had Caus It: Debt and Unback Brazil Phone Number List Currency Issuance. Quantitative Easing – That is, Injection of Liquidity – That Was Privileg in Favor of the Powerful to Revive the Engine of a Financializ Economy. Access to Easy Crit and the Incestuous Share Buybacks of Large Corporations Are the Factors That Keep the Fictitious Economy Afloat, at the Expense of What Happens in the Real One. The Objectives of the Stimulus Plans Were Unmistakable: Recover Stock Markets and Ease Debt to Maintain the Propensity to Consume.

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