The Coronavirus Crisis Broke Out, Political Scientist Sheri Berman Wrote : “the World is Nowhere Near the Situation It Fac in the S and S, but the Warning Signs Are Clear. “One Can Only Hope That It Won’t Take Another Tragy to Make People Across the Political Spectrum Recognize the Advantages of a Social Democratic Solution to Our Contemporary Crisis.” Could It Be This Tragy That We Are Experiencing?”to Return or Not to Return”: Argentine ucation in a Pandemic Pro Nuñez Diego Gurvich the Debate About the Return to Face-to-face Classes in Argentina Was Polariz With Slogans.

The Progressive Sectors Were

Not Able to Develop a Narrative That Would Allow Them to Demonstrate the Ne to Return to the Classrooms With Clear Public Policies Differentiat by Schools and Sectors. Thinking About the Complexity of the ucational Benin WhatsApp Number List Plot Outside of Consignism is Increasingly Imperative. Return or Not to Return»: Argentine ucation in a Pandemic Thirty Years Ago, the Idea Gain Some Notoriety That in Argentina, as Well as in Several Countries in the Region, ucation Fac the Tension of Trying to Solve the Problems of the St Century Without Having Yet Resolv Those of the Th Century. It Would Be Unfair and Bias to Suggest That, in the Current Situation, We Find Ourselves in a Similar Situation.

In Recent Years the Progress of the ucational

System in Various Aspects Has Become Evident, One of Which Has  of Students at the Secondary Level. Many of Them Are the Mexico Whatsapp Number List First Generation in Their Families to Access, Go Through and, Eventually, Complete This ucational Section. ucation in Latin America Sustains, However, Processes of Advances and Setbacks, Gradually Constituting Scenarios of Significant Heterogeneity. The Covid- Pandemic Reveal Some of the Problems of the ucational Structure, Deepen the Difficulties, Disrupt Temporalities and Daily Interactions, While Forcing Us to Refine Forms of Work and Activities. It Impli, in Short, a Change in.

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