Disadvantages: Its interface is a bit confusing. It is not an easy to use tool. Support is in English. It’s very expensive. Mail Jet is a versatile group e-mail delivery software with more than one customer in more countries and regions, which provides you with other related services such as forms, pre-designed templates, testing, automation, advanced reporting, in addition to email、 Good segmentation or dynamic content.

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 Its interface is simple and you can easily get familiar with it. Mail new data Jet Interface In the free plan, you are provided with full access for custom integration. The free plan is great, offering you unlimited contacts and send-offs. In addition, in a payment plan, it is charged not by the number of contacts, but by the number of emails you send each month, which is a factor to consider. Pros: Drag and drop email editor. Dynamic content.

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 It has an plug-in that allows you to easily insert forms, insert forms, and post. Disadvantages: Although you can send e-mail every month in the free plan, you can only send e-mail at most every day. The free plan does not provide you with automation. Mail Relay Mail Relay is a classic in the field of TG Numbers email marketing tools. Although it is not one of the most powerful and modern tools (it is very basic in design, although they have been improved a lot), it is a very powerful tool internally, which is necessary for the success of your marketing campaign.

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