What is Brand, All  have to re at some point in their lives. Surely you know more than one recognized  that has changed its image. Its message or even the packaging of its products. companies also have to evolve at the pace that today’s society advances . Knowing how to adapt to new trends and user tastes is a guarantee of continuity for  Today I want to talk to you about  . A marketing strategy with which you can keep your corporate image updated . We will see how you should implement it and, in addition. I will show you some examples of well-known brands that have already gone through this process.

What is rebranding?

What is Brand,   is a marketing strategy that consists of the total or partial modification of the set. Identifying email database elements of a  , with the main objective of improving its positioning. Sometimes it is only necessary to change the logo. Or modify the corporate typography, among other examples. To achieve the goal of improving the opinion that both customers. investors have of the. The speed with which markets evolve today, the appearance of new competitors. even the change in trends in the tastes of users and consumers means. That many  are forced to implement this process in their marketing strategies. Although, there are also other reasons that. Can lead a company to this change in its identity. For example.

What is the difference between branding, rebranding and restyling?

The launch of a new brand, through the  strategy. Generates a corporate identity that companies project to the outside so that TG Numbers both users and consumers. As well as investors, partners and sponsors, perceive it as a  created from scratch., the reconstruction of the . Is a strategy that works on the personality of an already created . It seeks to project corporate values through a new reformulated image. To do this, study and analyze 2 aspects of the that have to do with its own identity. Redefine the visual identity , with a restyling or adapting its appearance to new trends and customer tastes. Analyze and adapt the corporate identity. This part is much more intense, since it reflects on the values of the  itself.

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