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The want to use the corporate identity elements of that company in your presentation. You usually only get it deliver nicely when it becomes your customer. So for a pitch you can choose the difficult route Google the logo try to copy the colors of the website and decipher the fonts us but it can also be a lot easier. With the Brandfetch app you can easily retrieve the elements of a brand in high quality and use them for your Canva design. For most brands you have all logos black white color without background brand colors and any images at hand in one go. Canva Brandfetch 4. Improve the quality of your image with Canvas Enhancer.


As a marketer you are sometimes sent

Photos for social mia posts presentations or other things that ne to look professional. Unfortunately these types of photos are not always taken with a professional camera or they are ruc in quality when sent. How do you prevent Guatemala Phone Number Database brand from becoming unprofessional if you do use that photo The Enhancer tool is your lifesaver. This makes your blurr images sharp and can even detect faces for retouching. Canva enhancer 5. Create different versions of a Canva design with  for a business card social mia post presentation or document Do you want to create multiple versions of this with the same design but slightly different text Save yourself hours of time with the Bulk Create tool.

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Copy and adjust a design 20 times but Canva does this for you. That is how it works Within your design go to Apps in the tabs and search for Bulk Create. Enter the data New Zealand Phone Number differs per version. For example with a business card this could always be the name photo and position of your various employees. Within your design rightclick on the text element or photo frame to which the enter data should bepotential customer or client that is completely onbrand Then you probably

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