The invite you to read Use white rules Use images and understandable statistics. What lines do you see Other tips Consider data representation and understandable graphs and organizing your analysis in a pleasantly readable manner. This is how you prevent a TLDR too long didnt read Listening as a basic skill In the meantime it is important for all communication professionals to realize that good communication starts with listening and to become proficient in this by ensuring that you possiblDo you want your brand to be rock solid.


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Branding and brand positioning .k reactions like bookmark Anoek de Jong van LeadLogic .k February at minutes reading New on Frankwatching BB sales is evolving from sales first to expertise first vr Comma period apostrophe everything you ne to Greece Telegram Database about punctuation marks vr Are Dutch jobs at risk en masse due to AI do As a marketer you probably know it. You receive a SEA budget and you have to make do with it all year long. But how do you respond to good and bad days with your SEA campaigns And how do you get the most out of the seasons The answer is a flexible SEA budget. How Ill tell you all about it. What is a flexible SEA budget With a flexible SEA budget you do not stick to a specific budget per monthyear but you work with a percentage of the turnover.

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You can grow turnover. When is it Mexico Email List to use a percentage You can apply a flexible SEA budget in any situation. But some situations are better suit for it than others. A flexible SEA budget is ideal when are strong seasonal influences a clear distinction can be made between highconverting and lessconverting days this is only possible if you have achiev sufficient conversions otherwise you will optimize bas on coincidences there.

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