The venture into this either. But in practice I often see that a strong focus on such overthinking is at the expense of the basic conditions for success. Ask yourself the following Is the foundation of my recruitment process in order If you want your recruitment efforts to succe you ne to have some fairly simple things in place. And as far as Im concern they also fall under the heading of employer branding.  . And so they become a collective neglect child.


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Because no value proposition can compete with a shaky foundation of an employer Lebanon WhatsApp Number Database strategy. No matter how beautiful it looks. And then you still wont find the candidates you are looking for. A real shame because these are actually measures that you can easily implement. Even or especially if you dont have a marketer for a while. Also read Put the employee first with these employer branding trends for Here are quick wins that will help you lay a solid foundation for your employer branding activities. Do you have this on your radar . Answer your phone Yes its that simple. Too often we hear from candidates that the HR or recruitment department did not respond to an email or telephone call. And that is not useful in a market where there are more jobs than candidates.

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The HR manager HR employee or director is of course not


Available which does not seem Singapore Whatsapp Number desirable or wise to me. Everyone has the right to a holiday. Sometimes people get sick. And quite a few HR people have a parttime contract. Consider in advance who will take over in such cases. Because answering a recruitment phone call days later is really not smart in our economy. Then the candidate is gone in percent of the cases. Why Simply because another employer makes a great offer.


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