Change quickly interestingly, it was sold from one investor to another during a live domain name auction.  Links – , most expensive domains in – links Links is an example partially relate to Facebook and the previously mentione Eko. The new owner has the AllMyLinks domain. However, he did not buy a new address to shorten the current name, but only for reirection purposes. . Mastermind – , most expensive domains in – mastermind Many premium domains have an interesting history. It is no different with Mastermind , which was bought for , in and sold a year later for a mere. The purchase was made by Click Funnels, which was starting a new branch of its business. 

Companies are still waiting

Meidata, most expensive domains in – meidata Unlike previous domains that make sense, Meidata may be questionable. It was bought as a brand photo editor name for Meidata. Successful purchase? It’s hard to say because a few months later the company was taken over by Dessault Systemes. Summary Several hundre thousand new domains are registere every day. The vast majority of them are paid for by private individuals and companies that intend to actively use them. However, a small fraction are purchases with the hope of later selling at a profit. This is not surprising, because premium domains can be worth a lot.

The best domain names to be sold

Our ranking of the most expensive domains sold in confirms this. We answer phones, respond to emails, do not hide costs, and additionally offer the fastest hosting packages on the market. Do you think these are marketing phrases?Internal linking – guide Internal TG Numbers linking Even if you’re just starting to optimize your website for search engines, you’ve probably heard that it’s worth using internal linking to get higher rankings. Links on a website are as important as citing bibliographic sources in a master’s thesis. internal linking Although not everyone realizes it, virtually every website has internal links . The only exception are landing pages and business card pages.

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