The advance what you want to make and then trigger yourself to make a really good video with all the good elements. So when you go to make the shots the shots will be really good or creative. The golden Instagram Reels formula . No chaos One clear main message Create a vibe feeling emotion State or show the POV who tells and plays the leading role Make it personal The suspense how do you hold the viewer until the end For example use influencing techniques such as Dr Julie or scottsreality do.


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Transitions keep your viewers entertain at the spe the target audience can handle Finally dont forget that Albania Telegram Database about creating good Reels for your target group. Dont be blind by great reach or going viral. Your own followers are the most important although it is of course nice to get that free boost. And here are a few todos to get you start Experiment witDo you want your brand to be rock solid Follow the new masterclass Branding and brand positioning k reactions like bookmark Willeke Stam from Buro Aangenaam LeadLogic k February at am minutes reading New on BB sales is evolving from sales first to expertise first Fri g you ne to know about punctuation marks Fri Are Dutch jobs at risk en masse due to AI do People are programmable.


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Us within marketing. Brands logos products and services are combin Australia Telegram Number pleasant associations such as colors humor music and beautiful people. I take you through this marketing story which I combine with examples from everyday life. Time for a column Its Wnesday morning my day off. Scatter on the floor are bottles of wine beer bags of nuts a gift voucher and a gift package of Rituals. Inde I just unpack my Christmas package. I also found a scent candle from Rituals. It smells like a bathroom in here said the son.

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