90 tools for Community Managers Being up to date on the latest and newest tools for community managers. Therefore,  is one of the necessary aspects of this profession. I personally try to dedicate at least one hour to studying and learning every day following the best professionals in the sector. With the advancement of social networks today and its importance for companies. Therefore, the appearance of many social media tools is inevitable. Therefore, with the aim of facilitating our daily work with them, as well as improving the efficiency and results of our strategy.

Job and Functions of a 90 Community Manager

Job and Functions of a 90 tools for Community Managers. Creation of content for Social Networks and the Blog. It is very common for this professional, in addition to dedicating himself to his work as a Community Manager, to also dedicate himself to the creation and management of the company’s corporate Blog. Establish email leads the publication calendar. For which you must know very well the behavior of followers and fans on the different social networks to determine the publication times with the greatest impact. Monitor publications and news in the sector. Information is power, and this is something that the Community knows perfectly90 tools for Community Managers – Work and Functions. Therefore, this will allow this professional to select the best content for each of the company’s social channels.

Audience Insights

In order for you to be able to get your strategy on Facebook right. Therefore, it is vital that you know in depth the people who TG Numbers are interested in your business or your products. Therefore, so that you can know aspects such as; location, interests, behavior, etc. After that, so that you can use this data in your promotion on Facebook. Get to know the people who are important to your business, so you can understand what matters to them. Learn about their locations, interests and behaviors. Therefore, so you can create messages that will help you grow your business.

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