The during lunch or Friday afternoon drinks. You can then place your advertisement in two ways the way in which you are requir to select the advertising category employment or the way in which you bypass this. Below you will find an example of both and lets be honest The message gets across with both right Recruitment ad example on FaceBook The benefits of advertising without an ad category I have already secretly reveal the biggest advantage of advertising without an advertising category you keep your targeting As long as you stay out of the ad category youll keep all the targeting options youre us to from Meta.


Consider age location ucation and interests

This way you ensure that you reach the people you want to reach. CPMs are also lower. The average costs Over the course of a month I ran two recruitment campaigns for the same company for Malaysia Phone Number Database similar target groups. One campaign with ad category and one without. The result The CPM of the campaign without ad category was 4.82 the one with the ad category was 6.30. A significant difference. The CTR within these campaigns could not be compar because the messages differ from each other. Because one campaign uses an advertising category the target group differs in certain areas.  with employment you may only work within a radius of 17 km or more and certain areas of interest.

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The disadvantages of advertising

Without an advertising category Every advantage has its disadvantage. This also applies to advertising without an advertising category. One of the disadvantages is that you Brazil Telegram Number use Metas algorithm. Meta optimizes the employment campaign for people who are looking for a job or are just beginning to be interest in one. If you do use the advertising category you can use the touchtellsell method. This allows you to filter your target group in a natural way. During the touch phase you become acquaint.

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