Given your company.S objectives. And drive the desir roi on that ad spend.” emily fritz emily fritz dio_usa emily fritz writes for god a national experiential marketing bas in central pennsylvania. With over ten years of experience in marketing. Digital marketing. Communications and mia relations. She values an integrative approach that places the brand experience at the center of the marketing plan. “ live event marketing and event planning skills Copywriting basics are important for marketers. In the digital age. The physical experience is what drives online engagements.

People actually want visceral experiences

with the decline of traditional advertising. Experiential marketing is on the rise. According to eventtrack research. Budgets for experiential Email List marketing are increasing by 5.6% in 2018. Additionally. 86% of brands say they will run more in 2018 or equal number of events and experiential programs compar to 2017. “as the world becomes more digital. People actually want visceral experiences. Gen z and gen y consumers.

Marketers also ne to understand the consumer

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In particular. Gravitate toward brands that deliver meaningful experiences. (not to mention. These generations block traditional and digital  TG Numbers advertising. So connecting with them in person at events is a smart way to invest marketing dollars). “ being a marketer who understands how physical experiences highlight the authenticity of the brand and further differentiate it from competitors will be extremely valuable in the future . Marketers also ne to understand the consumer journey – and what physical touchpoints play into a purchasing decision.

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