The at the Same Time, Expand the Sphere of Reproduction of What Serves to Generate Relationships, Goods and Services That Undergo Processes Committ to Sustainable and Inclusive Well-being. The Global Emergencies That Converge at the End of the Second Decade of the Century Warrant Comprehensive Analysis and Governance That Overcomes the Fragmentation of Knowlge and Policy Management. The Economy Would Have to Submit to Social and Environmental Limits and Stop Acting as a Self-referential System That Subordinates and Tramples Whatever is Put in Front of It. The Unstoppable Commodification of Life and the Promotion of Unsustainable Consumption Are Impacting Human Health and All the Species That Inhabit the World.

A Criticism of This Order of Things

Does Not Necessarily Mean Being Against Globalization and Scientific and Technological Progress. It Implies, in Any Case, Confronting Its Dominant Rationality. The Advantages of Innovation, the Expansion of. World Trade Egypt WhatsApp Number List and the. Interconnection and Cooperation Between Countries Are Undeniable. However, Due to the Undemocratic Global Political Framework, in the End More Harm. Than Benefit Would Be Emerging. Globalization Without Democratic Checks and Balances Tends to Give Power to a Handful of Transnational Companies and Financial Operators That Co-opt Political Systems to Concentrate Wealth, Widen Inequality and Plunder Natural Resources With Impunity.

The Famous Free Trade Exhibits a

Double Standard: the Fine Print to Which Peripheral Countries Pay Little Importance. The Bottom-up Construction of Global Order is a Major Challenge. Communities,  Greater Density and Economic Self-sufficiency in the Hands of Democratic States That Have Sufficient Resources and Capabilities to Provide Universal Social Rights and France Phone Number List Enforce Environmental Protection Regulations. Thus, Global Interconnection Would Cause Fewer Risks of Collapse for Vulnerable Countries and Groups, and Would Avoid Condemning Some Countries to Being Mere Exporters of Raw Materials or Assemblers in Factories Where Decent Work Conditions Are Maximally Disrespect. It Would Rather Be a Complement to Strengthen Plural and Inclusive Good Living, Strengthening and.

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