Ayacucho 13.7%, Huancavelica 13.6%, Huánuco 12.9% and Loreto 6.3%. Why not decentralize the school system as New Zealand did in 1989, transferring ucational management to schools and eliminating the Department of ucation that fulfill the functions that the Ministry of ucation fulfills in our country? ucation is the country’s most serious problem but it is the best way to grow and ruce inequality. Good public and private ucation generates opportunities, equality and growth. If a solution is not found in the coming years, we will have greater social and economic conflicts and very poor ucational indicators.

Become the Axis of All

 Another serious mistake is the non-involvement of parents in the ucational system, who think that the solution to problems falls on the school and/or university and do not teach at home the necessary values ​​that facilitate the personal and professional achievements of children. their children. The active participation of people in the ucational task and the work of the local community will allow a continuous and ascending process that guarantees the integration b2b leads of the school with the community. In Peru there is an ucation aim at forming a “society of citizens” without the minimum expression of a serious curriculum and sufficient subjects that achieve a greater approximation to the teaching-learning process with civic and ethical approaches.

His Theological Production

 Facing these transformations is totally different from other years. The technological revolution and the push for globalization mean that the points of reference that society, and especially students, have, are no longer local in nature. A student from a rural area with Internet access can see what ucation TG Numbers is like in other countries and, if he wishes, talk to foreigners and learn about their ucational progress. The purpose of ucation is to ensure that every individual acquires not only knowlge, but also firm ideas that allow him or her not to be influenc by foreign ideals that harm the development of his or her own ucation.

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