The automatically provide when they place an order. and order history can easily increase engagement. How By enriching every email and tailoring it to the unique customer. Below you will find four examples of customer oriented communication that goes beyond adding the customers first name. Example . Personalize based on viewing behavior Before you can create personalized emails its important to know your customers . Which pages do they visit the most What products are they looking at How long do they stay on the site.


By answering these questions you

Gain insight into the interests and preferences of visitors which forms the basis for a personalized email strategy. Audience segmentation Once you have insight into the behavior of all visitors Then you Brazil Phone Number Database segment the audience based on different criteria. Consider the pages that customers have visited which product categories they find interesting or how often they visit your website. With all the collected information about visitor behavior and audience segmentation you create personalized content that meets their interests and needs. Create personalized content Personalized content can range from offers on products customers have viewed to useful content that helps them make a purchasing decision. By providing relevant and valuable content you increase the chance that your emails will be read.

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A good example is from Sophus

As an existing customer I looked at a Latvia Phone Number and water dispenser for my cat. After some deliberation I clicked away from the product without putting it in my shopping cart. Then I left the website. After about an hour I found the email below in my inbox. I think its a perfect example of a personalized email. Not only is the product in the email even the header photo is tailored to my viewing behavior. Zooplus knew I was shopping for my cat A bulls eye if you ask me. Zooplus sample email Example . Optimize customer engagement with previously purchased products At a time when.

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