The valuable knowlge relat to the sector. Using our expertise we work with your team and train them to drive innovation to the next level of efficiency in the coming years. With Hunch as a partner youll get the tools and insights to deliver innovative creative strategies you can be proud of. Canva has greatly influenc the content creation landscape. The makers are certainly not stopping for the time being. There seems to be a new feature available every week that simplifies our lives as content marketers.


Do you still see Canva as a simple template tool

Or are you just curious about options that you are not yet aware of Ill show you 6 gamechanging features in Canva that will make your work even more efficient and professional. 1. Canva as an extension of Adobe A Germany Phone Number Database misconception about Canva is that it wants to be the simplistic replacement for PhotoshopIllustrator. So it is a competitor of Adobe. Time to put this right As many professional designers know Canva does not have as extensive design capabilities as Adobe tools. The Adobe tools also lack some things that Canva does offer. So they are not opponents. They actually complement each other. This is what Canva says about it  to keep designing with the professional design tools that you know and love.

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Photoshop Illustrator wherever

You feel at home. Then you can take those beautiful assets youve creat and put them into a Canva template. So every time your client wants to it a name on a business card or update Vietnam Phone Number wording on a presentation they can do that in Canva without having to bother you. You can spend more time doing the things you love like strategic branding and design and less time doing the things you dont like annoying little updates. source Canvas webinar How professional designers can support their workflows. Canvas strength lies in its userfriendliness allowing marketers.

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