scaling up traffic was challenging. Since the Digimarkkintinn’s online client had a lot of articles and instructions on the subject. We were able to utilize discovery in every phase of mrace. Discovery help both in arousing interest. In strengthening the brand. And in growing leads. The campaign has become one of the most important marketing channels for the service. And it has also been able to scale over the course of the months significantly better than google search.

The same campaign has been running

At the same time. Higher conversions were also obtain by adding products to the shopping cart and by visiting retailer pages. The same campaign has been running for business lead months now. And by bringing in new content. We have gotten a free campaign and kept the results good. Strengthening the brand through remarketing in the act phase our customer offers consumer service with a long purchase path. Consumers rarely grab the offer directly. But they have to be warm up little by little with the help of a suitable funnel and brought to the website several times.

Since there is little competition

business lead

marketing aid. Since there is little competition. Cpcs and ad screens are very competitive. Which is a big advantage for the advertiser. Our lessons learn from using discovery ads discovery TG Numbers ads can be directly compar to native advertising. In which case the advertising angles and campaign goals should also be built on the same terms. Focus your marketing on interesting content first. Because ads are shown in places where people want to read content. In remarketing. You can already use direct guidance to the request for an offer. But dont forget that in order to strengthen the brand image.

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