The metaphor emphasizes the melting quality of MMs and implies that they are clean and easy to eat. Skittles uses an analogy Example Taste the rainbow. Skittles Why it works The analogy of tasting the rainbow creates an image of diverse and intense flavors.  Example The happiest place on Earth. Disneyland Why it works This metaphor emphasizes the joyful and magical experience that Disneyland promises. Wellknown cleaning product uses an analogy Example Stronger than dirt. Ajax Why it works This analogy compares the cleaning product to something indestructible highlighting its powerful cleaning properties. Coca Cola has a rhetorical question Example Have a Coke and a smile.


Coca Cola Why it works

The rhetorical question suggests that drinking CocaCola brings happiness Austria WhatsApp Number Database creates a positive association. Lipton uses analogy Example Like a good cup of tea. Lipton Why it works This analogy compares the refreshing experience of drinking Lipton tea to a good cup of tea. Metaphor by KFC Example Finger lickin good. KFC Why it works This metaphor implies that the food is so delicious that it makes you lick your fingers suggesting an irresistible taste. KFC slogan Source Manee_Meena Rhetorical question by Gatorade Example Is it in you Gatorade Why it works This rhetorical question focuses on the consumer and suggests that Gatorade has the essential properties you ne. Recognizable Ive come up with some fun examples that will hopefully put a smile on your face. Using recognizable examples at the end of your text such as funny rhetorical questions or metaphors creates a lasting impression.

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Readers often remember better

If they can identify with the content. Examples of rhetorical questions Brazil Phone Number ever thought that meetings without coffee were a good idea Have you ever wonder why the delete button on the keyboard is always smaller than the send button Who ever thought that a short coffee break ends with reading an entire article on social mia Examples of Analogies Completing an Excel spreadsheet without knowing formulas is like trying to assemble an IKEA cabinet without.

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