The Voting, There is Concern About the. Relevance of Ratification Plebiscites After Electing Direct Representatives for the Drafting of a New. Constitution. Any Assessment of the Chilean Political Process in Recent Times Should Rethink the Place of Mandatory Plebiscites. It Seems That the Nostalgia of Having Fre Themselves From a Dictatorship Through the Famous Plebiscite Encourag Chileans to Hope in the Plebiscite to End the Constitution Inherit From It. The Problem is the Falling in Love With the Mechanism as Such, as if It Were Destin to Give Victories to the Left.

On the One Hand the International

Trend of Late Indicates Precisely the Opposite, With Far-right Leaders. Who Fe on the Manipulations of the Plebiscite, Which Only Allows. Voting for Yes or No, and Usually Submits More Things to Consultation Than Those Australia WhatsApp Number List Includ in They. The Idealization of the Plebiscite Can Hide. Majoritarian and Even. Unanimist Notions That Deny the Plurality of Politics. In Reality, Plebiscites Are Only Desirable in an Ecosystem That Considers Various Mechanisms of Representation, Participation and Deliberation. Conclusions Surely, Constitutionalists Will Spend a Good Time Analyzing the Chilean Case From a Comparative Perspective.

Could It Be That New Constitutions

Can Only Be Approv in the Decline of Dictatorships, Such as Spain in or Brazil in , or Under Hegemonic Governments Such as. Ecuador in or Bolivia in ? Will Constitutional Change Depend on the “abusive Constitutionalism” of Those China Whatsapp Number Who. Want to Stay in Power? For Now, the  Rejection Questions the Durability of the Wills Express at the Polls and Shows How Quickly Constituent or Constitutional Moments Can Lose Effervescence. The Perception That Politics is Useless Continues to Be Widespread in Chilean Society, but the Idea of ​​solving It Through Constitutional Means is No Longer Convincing. They Are the Ravages of the Passage of Time That Never Forgives. At the Base of the Double Rejection of the New Constitution Are.

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