Have you heard of the empathy map It is a tool with which you can get to know your clients better. Because it has surely happened to you on some occasion that you have invested time, resources and money in a new service. advertising campaign or irresistible offer. And you have not managed to have the conversion that you expected. A very common mistake in companies is that they usually invest. A lot of time and money in advertising and commercial actions. Without taking into account the real needs of their potential consumers. And then their ROI data isn’t always as good as they expected.

Why is an empathy map so important?

An empathy map is an instrument whose main objective is to collect information top people data from customers to understand them better . This map helps companies visualize a consumer’s feelings and needs. Synthesizing data into a graph that allows them to interpret what they really want. By analyzing 6 specific aspects, through a series of specific questions where we try to know people’s feelings. Tt is possible to detect the needs they have. This way, you are collecting data that will help you better understand your target audience and predict their behavior. Thus, you will know how to bring the products and/or services that you offer. In your company closer to you in a much more effective way. Making your campaigns, offers and any sales strategy that you implement.

How to make an empathy map step by step?

You already know that empathy is an ability that helps us understand. The emotional state of the person in front TG Numbers of us. Thanks to this , we can understand the reasons that move users to carry out certain actions. such as, for example, entering your website and purchasing your products and/or services. An empathy map is a resource that you can implement in any business model. Because all companies need to have customers to maintain and grow. Why is an empathy map so important? You may be thinking that you don’t need an empathy map. In your company because you already know your customers. And believe me, I understand you perfectly. but this powerful tool will help you find the real reason why your customers consume the products.

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