The to create professional content without design training. Season designers often do not consider Canva as a professional design tool. Yet it is a miss opportunity for marketers to ignore it. Have you receiv a beautiful design from your designer and would you like to change 1 word or color Then you often have to spend an unnecessary amount of time instructing the designer and waiting for them to make the adjustment. A shame especially because that isnt necessary at all You can upload Adobe Illustrator and InDesign files in Canva. If you or your designer upload the .Ai.Indd file in Canva you will have the professional design within your own and userfriendly environment.


Then you can easily make adjustments

Now you may be thinking This is fine for me but my digital Ukraine Phone Number Database will drag things around and use the wrong fonts if I let them adjust a design. Canva also has solutions for this Canva brand controls By going to Brand Brand Controls from your homepage you can assign restrictions to your team. Set the correct brand colors and fonts for your corporate identity. click on the wrong elements. Are you still not sure whether this gives your customerscolleagues enough framework You can also indicate in Brand Controls that they must obtain permission for each design from you the designer or someone else before they can publish it. You can apply this to any design or just specific templates. Canva lock lock position.

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You can also apply restrictions within your design templates

For example do Japan Email List always want to keep the logo in the same angle and in the same size Then you can lock this element using the lock icon. Canva Team permissions Source Canva live webinar screenshot Want to go one step further In your teams settings you can set even more permissions access to photo video audio and template libraries being able to upload your own photos blocking certain apps access.

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