Consider using an event app

The your employees create a personal profile in which in addition to standard personal data they can also share their interests and other fun data. How nice is it if for example musicians or padellers within your organization now know where to find each other Networking at an employer branding event source Shutterstock Followup and baseline and followup measurements Of course send out a followup and survey after the event in which you thank people for their presence and in which you briefly report on the event. If you have also collect data from employees prior to the event or event series it is easier to take a baseline measurement from a baseline measurement.


Measuring is knowing Gen Z is more critical

Also consider how the critical generation Gen Z thinks and views events. For them an Colombia WhatsApp Number Database is no longer necessarily a fun outing to look forward to. Above all it must be useful. You therefore prefer to be increasingly flexible on all fronts and be able to offer more personalization.  in which you offer a conference event with a vari program. Also ask for dietary or digital goodie bag wishes in advance and be flexible in deadlines for registering or deregistering. You certainly wont make a good impression on talents from this generation with oldfashion methods. Structurally collect employee data.

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The structural collection of employee

data around internal live events ultimately Mexico Phone Number a wealth of valuable information for your internal organization and HR department. For example does it appear that people who speak positively about the change process also stay with you longer Or think of input about employment conditions that introvert employee A gave back from the interaction tool. This input may have previously been omitt and employee A may have already left. Collecting employee data source Andrii Yalanskyi Shutterstock The role of technology within employer branding Technology can therefore play an important role in live communication with employees.

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