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Recently useful AI features have been


Launched that you can use directly in your Chrome browser. You can get Bahrain Phone Number Database right away without difficult installations or howtos. In this article I explain AI updates. . Automatic subtitles for audio and video If you want to watch a video on the train at work or in another public space it is annoying if there are no subtitles. Then you are obligated to turn on your sound to hear anything from the video. And videos without subtitles are also not ideal for the deaf and hard of hearing. Google has found a solution to this problem automatic subtitles.

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Do you surf via Chrome

Then you can have the videos you watch via social media or a Estonia Phone Number platform automatically subtitled. But it goes further than that. Do you have your own videos in Google Photos You can also have these automatically subtitled. And it even works with podcasts and radio programs handy How to enable this option and how it works can be seen in the video below For Dutchspeaking Chrome users click on the dots at the top right of your browser click on Settings Accessibility and then switch on the slider next to Live subtitles. In the window that then opens you can select a preferred language manage languages and hide.

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