The Last) Modern Illusion. (…) Only the State Can Represent a Consensus on Which Goods Are Positional and Can Only Be Obtain When There is Prosperity, and Which Are Basic and Must Be Provid in All Circumstances. The Coronavirus Will Not Necessarily Produce a New Social Pact. But It Does Not Have to Produce the Applause of Progressivism for the Strengthening of a Type of State That is Not Its Own. Rather, the Coronavirus Should Be the Window of Opportunity to Resume the Tradition of a Communitarian Left, Which.

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Powerful Public Health System, a Robust Civil Society, a State Present as Guarantor of Social Agreements, Security Forces Structur Under Democratic Principles. Applauding Russia or China, or Adopting an Uncritical Position on the Links Between Science (and Technology) and the State – a Link Very Similar to That Which is Belgium WhatsApp Number List So Often Criticiz Regarding Organiz Religion – is Not Going to Help Us. The Democratic Socialist Tradition is, Although It is Not Going Through Its Brightest Moment, the Best Variable to Take Into Account. Science and Technology at the Service of the Public Good (but Not to Control the Population or to Experiments), Religion as a Social Issue.

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Weakest (but Not to Regulate Individual Lives, as Happens When Interference in the State Becomes Evident). The Best Japan Whatsapp Number List Exponents of the Old Democratic Socialism Trust That Science Would Help Alleviate Diseases, That the Merciful Aspects of Religion Could Be Incorporat Into a Secular Social Cre, That the State Should Be There to Guarantee Fundamental Agreements, but Never to Surpass the Life of Each Citizen. In Other Words: if the Coronavirus and the State Reactions It Produces Do Not Automatically Write a New Social Pact, the Linear Reading That Makes One Believe That the Pandemic Denotes a Reestablishment of the Nation-state, and That in a Progressive Key is Interpret.

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