Come to interact in some way. The cards are Expand Your defined based on entities and you can find. More general themes or the specific element and protagonist of the content. card views on google discover How to update Google Discover To refresh the news feed , simply swipe down on the main page where the content is located . Google will load new news and content, surely fresher and recently published. If what you want is to have updated functionality, you will only have to try to keep the Google application updated on your iPhone or have your mobile device updated on Android. Types of content that we can find in Discover In the Google Discover feed we can find all types of content.

In addition, other types Expand Your of news can also be seen

It is mostly made up of articles and top industry data news from different publications or blogs, but increasingly, Google is incorporating new modules in that “second SERP” , as it already does on the main results page through the knowledge panels , soccer results, weather forecast, direct answers… In this way, in Google Discover we can also find ads, podcasts, videos and web stories . In addition, other types of news can also be seen in those countries where Google News Showcase has already been activated (a service launched in 2020 that consists of agreements between Google and the media to pay them for showing quality news in the search engine). google discover ads. stories google discover.

If what you want is to have updated functionality

Google News Showcase on Google TG Number Discover. One of the latest events that has allowed us to see the news that. Google is working with is the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. During the weeks in which athletes, Olympic records and medals. Have filled the press, news programs and digital newspapers. Discover has also given them prominence. In its feed, not only showing panels with updated information. But also taking advantage of all. Its potential and augmented reality work. to show us different Olympic exercises in 3D.

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