What are the best sales groups on Facebook in 2021 ? Which Digital Marketing. Therefore, and social media Facebook groups should you be in? If you are looking for visibility and extra visits for your blog, I recommend that you read this article and learn about the best Facebook groups for Social Media and Online Marketing in Spanish . Nowadays brands want to reach the target audience that exists on social media. Therefore, and one of the best ways is to take advantage of the communities or groups of the main social networks such as Facebook or. Therefore, LinkedIn. But there are thousands of groups or communities and many more are created every.

What are Facebook groups

I suppose you already know what they are, but top industry data just in case someone is not clear, I’ll leave you a small definition. They are groups created by. Therefore, one or more administrators, dedicated to a topic, sector or affinity where they add other Facebook users who are interested in that topic. Groups can be made up of users who are our friends on Facebook and also by other people, who are not our friends but who share the group’s hobby. When you. Therefore, belong to a group you can publish your content, comment on other members’ posts, like, participate in debates, ask questions that generate debate related to the group’s topic, etc. As I said before, there are many groups on. Therefore, Facebook and practically every topic you can imagine (marketing, architecture, sports, humor, movies, etc.).

Types and privacy of Facebook groups

Facebook groups have the following TG Numbers typology and privacy: Public Group – Any Facebook user can view the group, its posts, and the group members. We can join directly without having to. Therefore, wait for administrator approval. They tend to be the Facebook groups with the most members due to the ease of joining. Closed Group : Anyone can search the group and see who belongs to it, but only members can see the group’s posts. To join we have to wait for approval from the group administrator. Secret Group : Only group members can see the group and its posts. They do not appear in search results. To join we need a member of the group to invite us to be part of it.

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