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The also consumers. I notice it in the many phone calls and texts I receive from people for advice but also in the discussions with students during lectures I give and keynotes at events. The market forces that I learn during my finance studies clearly apply here. Interest increases exponentially with price increases. You can also see this clearly in the Fear Gre indexSource . But with all my enthusiasm I also see many things going wrong. Rugs Romance Pig Butchering Ponzis When I start crypto in I bought my first Bitcoins for around.


The same year I sold them for

Because I was going to organize a Tx event offline in a jungle for a while and therefore Malaysia Telegram Database no longer keep an eye on the prices. Inde it wasnt my best entry into crypto with the current price hovering around . The crazy prices ensure that many people are always looking for a cryptocurrency that also has the potential to rise exponentially preferably in a short period of time mooning in crypto language. They dont go for the safer choices like Bitcoin and Ethereum but coins like memecoins which I recently wrote about.

Telegram Database

BONK that rise in a short time

Also read The sense and nonsense of Philippine Phone Number Create your own crypto Nowadays you can create your own crypto in a few seconds. If you use a good marketing device for this and completely spam channels such as X and Telegram you can also increase the price in a short time. When the price has risen a lot sell your own coins and count your profit. They call this pump dump . And that is extremely illegal but something that occurs every day in various forms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. According to research new scam cryptos were creat every day. SCAMS There are all kinds of SCAMS.

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