First and foremost, CEOs, boards and powerful stakeholders must uphold

Unwavering commitment to creating shared value. Then, that thinking must trickle down into the fabric of how the business operate. Seeking out like-minded partnerships, rethinking product design, establishing new demands for the supply chain — these actions and more are driving the new way of thinking. Enabling and at the center of many of these initiatives is technology. Leveraging Technology to Create Shared Value Not only is technology a catalyst for making many business practices more sustainable and beneficial to all, it also plays a critical role in measuring the success of these transformations, and the resulting transparency and accountability factors.

One of the ways many companies are pursuing

Their commitments to a more sustainable future is through the purchase of more environmentally friendly technology. Some modern computers Netherlands Phone Number Data and printers, for example, have built-in features to abate carbon emissions and cut down on paper  waste. Reliable supply chain technology can also provide greater visibility into processes and real-time data. This allows companies to spot and correct inefficiencies that could create unnecessary waste, and it can also support sustainability reporting when the time comes to show progress. Other companies are implementing policies where they will only buy equipment from businesses that look beyond the current “take-make-dispose” industrial model and embrace a closed-loop or circular approach.

This means they not only make their

Products with some large percentage of recycled materials, but they have strong recycling programs to take their products back at end-of-life. Empowered by Brazil Phone Number List technology and guided by the demands of consumers for businesses to be better stewards of our planet and people, business leaders must continue to create a culture inside their companies and within the larger enterprise ecosystem that accounts for both financial and societal returns. The results of doing so will no doubt reveal a natural acceleration towards shared value as a business imperative.

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