The mainly because of the growing transphobia polarization and the more or less organiz resistance to woke companies in the US l by the Foxes of this world. So the rainbow wash was thin at the February Super Bowl. years of the Beetle in the US. For some reason two ladies are also getting marri there. By the way bonus points. A longer storytelling version was also releas and shown on other channels. Then there were no fewer than two commercials from Weve done your homework the American Funda. It stars gay icon Dan Levy even overshadowing Jeff Goldblum and rapper Lil Wayne.


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Dans sidekick to stick to American terms. This is Goldmine for seconds The other Ivory Coast Telegram Databas is call Worth Celebrating and it even runs for a whole minute. Checkout. What Would Jesus Do Finally a remarkable participant who does not actually advertise but does have an important message. It concerns He Gets Us a religious organization that preaches love and tolerance. This is in contrast to the hatr coming from many other ugly corners of the US. Last year they ran a second ad to reintroduce Jesus in a different context. The ad finish at a respectable number eight in the USA Today Ad Meter rankings. This year we see a very stylish slide show from photographer Julia Fullerton Batten.

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Foot Washing see also main image they show that Jesus us the Belgium Phone Number washing of feet as a sign of forgiveness and love. There are many types including at least queer person. And that for about million dollars. So the video is very clearly WWJD What Would Jesus Do . Diversity in advertising is therefore more important than ever We always think that we are there in the Journey from Representation to Respect that everything is now arrang and that we embrace diversity.

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