Consider the following optimizations

The your ad appears at the top of the search results. It is important that the budget for that campaign can support the increase in the bid. If you want to bid on the keyword buy bikini while this is normally but your campaign has a budget of you halve the clicks. Then increase your campaign budget so that you do not suffer a decline in visibility and website traffic. Keep an eye on whether the increase in the budget and bid results in an increase in the number of conversions or the conversion value. How do you deal with bad periods When a bad period arrives within the high season one of the options is to lower the bid on keywords. This way you achieve cheaper conversions and the ratio between marketing costs and revenue remains at the desir level.


However there is also another way

Looking for a niche within the account. C Locations Bid lower outside the topcon verting Hong Kong Telegram Database Device Bid lower on devices that convert less Age bid lower on specific age categories or temporarily exclude certain age categories Days and hours only advertise on the best converting days and hours or ruce the bid on less converting days and hours Please note the above optimizations are only possible with manual CPC. Do you have automatic bidding strategies.

Telegram Database

Then pause poorly converting

Keywords and be sharp on search terms. Is the Poland Email List calming down and do you notice that the marketing percentage is coming under pressure due to declining conversions Then it is important to make changes. You may spend more than desir so ruce your expenses by focusing your campaigns purely on the target group that does convert. Disadvantages of a flexible SEA budget Where there are advantages there are disadvantages. Also with a flexible SEA budget. One of the disadvantages is that it is timeconsuming. You respond to certain factors including the weather which can change.

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