Formation of Electoral Spaces for

The It Can Plunge Society Into Presentism and Deprive It of Any Possible Future.twenty-one. On the Psychological Level, the Fear of Fear is Anxiety. In the Social, Chronic Anguish Separates Communities. Procural Lessons After Four Years, at Least Two Procural Design Problems in the Constituent Process Are Evident That Leave Lessons for Politics in General. Before the Plebiscite, Right-wing Sectors and Centrists Warn That the Text of the Constitutional Convention Could Not Be Approv Without Collecting Their Visions, Which According to the Last Presidential Elections Represent of Voters.

In His Last Public Account

President Boric Acknowlg Receipt and Said He Had Heard the Message From the Citizens That He Did Not Want a “Partisan Constitution.”. But the Difficulty of Agreeing on a Political Pact in the Constitutional Convention Was Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List Not Only That the Right Had Less Than a Third of the Seats, and Therefore It Did Not Seem Necessary to Reach an Agreement With It, but Also That the Independents Represent of the Seats. Seats, Which Brings Us to the First Procural Problem. In Addition to Gender Parity and Seats for Indigenous Peoples, the Design Allow theĀ  Independents (Without the Ne for Political Parties) With Very Low Requirements for Their Integration Into the Body.

If the Constitutional Reform of

Fail by Not Incorporating Citizens, Demonstrating the Limits of the “Politics of Agreements”, the Excess of Independents in the Arabia Whatsapp Number Constitutional Convention Torpo the Constituent Negotiations and the Possibility of Genuine Deliberation. The “Pro-independent” Climate Also Manifest Itself in the Fact That the Parties Renounc Playing a Role, in an Attempt to Regain Legitimacy in the Face of the Mass of Independents Distrustful of Politics. It is Unfair to Attribute All the Evils of the Constitutional Convention to the Frente Amplio Because It Represent Around of the Body, but It is Not Clear to What Extent the Independent Moment Was Also Foster by.

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