Free Samples: An effective marketing strategy

Free Samples: An effective marketing strategy. Gifts and free samples as a brand promotion strategy. You really wanted to talk about the topic of free samples , since I consider that they can be a very effective Branding tool for many brands, and I especially think that they can be a very attractive element for Online or Ecommerce Stores to use. This marketing strategy is called Sampling and consists of sending a trial of our products for free and with a clear objective and promotional component.

What's behind a free sample

If you send a free sample to a customer’s home. Therefore, what you are mainly looking for is loyalty and for this customer to talk about your product. Therefore, that is, what we are encouraging is lifelong word of mouth and the good results it has always had. given. But we have to think very carefully about the marketing email database  strategy that involves sending a free sample. Therefore, and logically it is not useful to send just anything and we have to take very good care of every last detail of this sample that we are going to send.

Free Baby Samples

If you have been a father, you will know that before your baby is born it is very likely that you will begin to receive free samples of baby magazines, creams, and so on, and of course you receive it at just the right time, and of course They achieve the goal. I seem to remember that we subscribed to one of these magazines for a whole year, hehehe. A brand that knows how to exploit this sample thing very well is Gigante Dodot. free dodot samples. Analyzing this example we can find TG Numbers several interesting characteristics: Valid promotion until end of stocks. In this way, if we do not have stocks of the samples, we can say that we have notified it, that we are ready, right.

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